TCS Best Student Project Award 2018

Project Title: “Temporal and aspect-based opinion summarization”

Guide : Dr. Viji Rajendran V

Team members:(YOP 2018)

  1. Abhishek S
  2. Sunildas S
  3. Suraj R
  4. Harikrishnan P

Abstract: The proposed system generates a temporal aspect based text summary of user opinions that are collected from different sources across the internet with their timestamp. These comments are broken into sentences and sub-sentences after aspect(predefined) based classification. Then, Sentiment analysis is performed. The time relationship is taken into account and the casual relationship is identified at the deflection points or the time frames during which there is a large opinion change. The major advantage of this system is that the changes in user opinions with time can be traced and the cause of this sentiment change can be found put in addition to offering customers a quick, convenient and easy way to consume information about a product to help them decide whether or not to purchase it.