Got selected for a visit to Silicon Valley by Kerala Start-up Mission

31 Student startup founders from six states in India are selected for a week-long visit to Silicon valley to pitch, network and learn from the best companies in the world.


Seven student captains for their entrepreneurship teams of CSE department of our college were selected by Kerala Start-up Mission to visit Silicon Valley. The selected students were:

  • Hari Krishnan R (2013-17 Batch)
  • Suraj Rajan (2014-18 Batch)
  • Arjun Kay (2013-17 Batch)
  • Sachin Dev (2015-19 Batch)
  • Srikant Vijay (2014-18 Batch)
  • Jithu Kiran (2013-17 Batch)
  • Abel Kuruvilla (2014-18 Batch)